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Now running on Lucee 4.5

The big news in the CFML community this week is that Railo has been forked as Lucee, backed by the Lucee Association Switzerland. I'd encourage anyone who supports open-source CFML to become a supporter and help drive the project forward.

Powered by Lucee

Migrating from Railo to Lucee is quite easy without going through a full re-install if you don't have any dependencies on Railo extensions (support for some extensions will come soon). I did a quick test locally to ensure my upgrade would be successful, following the Migrate from Railo instructions on the Lucee Wiki. As always, test first, don't just roll the dice on a production server ;)

That said, for my particular instance running on Digital Ocean the upgrade came down to 4 commands;

$ wget https://bitbucket.org/lucee/lucee/downloads/lucee-
$ unzip -o lucee- -d /opt/railo/lib
$ rm /opt/railo/lib/railo.jar
$ service railo_ctl restart

30 seconds later I was up and running on Lucee 4.5!