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Redesigning the FarCry 7 Login Page

The login page in the upcoming release of FarCry Core 7 has had a similar redesign treatment to the overall webtop redesign. In addition to adding a custom webtop logo you can also upload a background image for the login page which makes it easier to customise out of the box. The login page will also still work with our existing User Directory plugins such as LDAP, RPX Now and Google OAuth (though with Google OAuth set as the default User Directory you essentially skip the login screen).

This is the default login page for a vanilla installation of FarCry Core with a plain grey background. To customise it, log in to the webtop and browse to Admin -> General Configuration, and upload a Login Background image:

Once your background image has uploaded, log out to see your new masterpiece :)  

Blurry, abstract and textured background images give a nice effect and can still help convey the brand of your application, while adding a little something extra to the often bland login page that goes unappreciated!

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